There have been people asking how much turmeric is eating to see the results. It’s hard to tell exactly how much to eat. That is difficult because each person’s life style is different. Some people like to eat a grill food, some people take good care of their health. Moreover turmeric can be consumed in many ways: Eat fresh turmeric with chili paste, Eat turmeric powdered capsules or with various curries, or even extracted turmeric. Based on these factors, the answer for how much turmeric could we have to take effect is very difficult. I think there will not be anyone able to provide the answer. But, of course, we should know what is the amount we can consume per day.

The amount of turmeric that can be eaten per day depends on the purpose of eating, which is to eat to protect, or to heal and how to eat. Because turmeric is usually not soluble in water, but it can be dissolved in fat, so turmeric is excreted from the body before the body can absorb it. Turmeric in the form of consumption of the principal as mentioned above, but one more form is the extraction of turmeric to dissolve the water to the body to absorb important substances better.

From googling information, there are reliable institutions where research is conducted and test. How to eat that should be as follows:

Information of the University of Maryland Medical Center.

  • Fresh cut turmeric, such as with chili paste or salad: 1.5 – 3 grams per day.
  • Turmeric dried turmeric powder: 1 – 3 times a day.
  • Supplements in powder form (Curcumin): 400 – 600 mg 3 times a day.

For my own experience I eat soluble turmeric extract which has no pungent smell for 3 years already. I mixed it 1 teaspoon (about 5 grams) with 500ml of water. Drink regularly. There are no side effects except to feel healthier.  As can be seen from the disease as it was not long ago, symptoms like sputum in the neck all the time disappear, drinking alcoholic beverages does not feel like a hangover, etc. Whatever kind of turmeric you eat, please just eat it. Have a good health experience and then let’s discuss later.

Turmeric A Day

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