Healthy Drink
Our Healthy Drink produced with high quality, delicate, and health-oriented. We are dedicated our research and development to provide our customers the best organic products that are practical and beneficial. We provide Herbal Tea, Curcumin Drink, and dietary suppliment.

Most of our finished goods are spa related such as herbal tea, soaps, compress, steam & sauna, salt scrub, scrub, and foot bath. We are currently expanding our product lines to provide more alternatives and usages based on our customer interests.

Herb and Spice
With more than 40 years of our experience in manufacturing herbs and spices, we knew every tiny detail of herbs and spices. That’s why We can advise you how to keep and reform them in the most suitable ways for your specific products. Our products are supplied to be ingredients for cuisine, medicine, or cosmetic for human and animal. We provide them based on your requirements, but usually we do reform or dry them. We would appreciate it if you contact us for further discussion about your requirements.