ompany has been researching and testing to provide product with the most benefit, and high quality. Our process reachs the international quality standard: HACCP and GMP.

Herbal Compress
Relieve muscular ache, pain and improve blood circulation.
Size: 200 gram/piece
Price: 100 baht/piece
Herbal Steam
Improve circulation, reduce stress, stimulate weight loss.
Size: 150 gram
Price: 120 baht
Herbal Bath Soak
Release tension.
Ingredient: Turmeric and others herb
Size: 3 ball(@75 gram)/box
Price: 180 baht/box
Herbal Soap
Soap blend with herbs,Noni or Mangosteen, and essential oil.
Size: 3 piece/box
Price: 100 baht/box

Remark: The price can be changed without notice. Please contact for confirmation.