– Salad and egg: fatty acids help your body absorb nutrients, especially some fat-soluble vitamins.
– Rice and beans: when combining rice and beans, you will get complete protein, which is an adequate amount of 9 essential amino acids your body needs.
– Green tea and lemon: citrus juice enables more of antioxidants in green tea – known as catechins – to be absorbed by your body.
– Yogurt and banana: these ingredients are the ideal combo to help repair muscle after workout, so you should eat them shortly after your exercise.
– Oatmeal and orange juice: Oatmeal is packed with iron and vitamin C in orange juice will boost iron absorption.
– Garlic and onions: this perfect combination can drop risk of stroke, heart disease, and certain cancers.
– Avocado and Tomatoes: fatty acids in avocado will help make carotenoids in Tomato readily absorbed by your body.
– Tomatoes and broccoli: these vegetables are packed with cancer-fighting compounds and are more effective at slowing prostate tumor growth than either is alone.
– Fish and wine: a moderate amount of wine can boost Omega-3 fatty acids from the fish.
– Apple and apple peel: the chemical in apple peel work best with Apple flesh to reduce cancer.

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