If you ask 100 peoples of Thais whether they know “Turmeric” or not, they will all say “Yes”, but if you continue asking what benefits of “Turmeric” are, less than 20 peoples can answer.  This is a shame.

Due to many benefits of the active ingredient in turmeric, called “Curcuminoid”, “Turmeric” has been registered as a Thailand National List of Essential Medicines.  Not only Thailand, but also other countries such as America, England, and Japan see wide variety benefits of Turmeric.  This is because these countries notice that the rate of American patients with cancer is increasing a lot every year whist Indians who consume fat foods have a very low rate of patients with cancer. The difference is almost all of Indian food always has “turmeric” as a main ingredient.


“Turmeric” The herbal which familiar with Thais

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